Worktops: even more resistant

16 sierpnia 2016

Thanks to an innovative solution, now Pfleiderer kitchen worktops can boast even higher, unparalleled quality. A special HDF board insert, placed in the frontal part of the worktops accounts for a significant rise in their resistance, e.g. to mechanical damage.

A worktop is one of the most visible and, at the same time, exploited places in the kitchen. Exposed to moisture, high temperature, detergents and mechanical scratches and abrasions, it is often damaged. That is why Pfleiderer strives to raise the quality of its worktops to ensure their durability, while maintaining their aesthetic values.
One of the methods to increase worktop resistance, currently used by Pfleiderer in its all worktops, is inserting a special HDF board into the frontal, lateral edge in C and E profiles. What effects does it have? HDF boards are characterized by a high degree of hardness and increased density, much higher than the worktops as such. Their application ensures raising resistance to physical damage, and allows for an unparalleled smoothness of edge rounding.
Moreover, since July 2016 a possibility to pack the worktops with shrink-wrap film has been available. This guarantees our customers that the worktop will be delivered without even slightest scratches or other damage to the surface.
Introducing a new worktop manufacturing technology was possible due to the modernization of the manufacturing line in the Pfleiderer factory in Wieruszów. The investment started at the end of April and the beginning of May in 2015. Its implementation lasted almost a year (start of production in March 2016) and cost about PLN 15m. From March, worktops manufactured on a new line have some additional sizes - products are available in 2.050, 3.050 lengths and a standard 4.100 length. On individual requests we are able to manufacture worktops in 2.000 mm - 4.300 mm lengths and thicknesses from 18 mm to 40 mm (previously 28 - 38 mm).