Renovation of kitchens and bathrooms based on MFP construction boards

6 listopada 2015

Pfleiderer explains what makes MFP® boards worth recommending for renovation works in bathrooms or kitchens.

Unlike the majority of other wood-based materials, MFP® boards do not delaminate and practically do not swell in moist conditions. Consequently, they are strongly recommended for all types of repair works in bathrooms and kitchens, which are usually rooms with the highest level of humidity in any house. The moisture swelling coefficient of MFP® boards is just 10%; furthermore if swelling occurs, it is uniform and temporary only.
MFP® boards can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as an underlayment under a floor. Durable and easy to work, MFP® boards are a perfect solution for such applications. Their installation is very simple; they also facilitate the achievement of a perfect level of an underlayment, which is so important in bathrooms and kitchens.
Floors in kitchens and bathrooms are usually covered with ceramic tiling; a smooth and adhesive surface facilitates the proper laying of tiles, even when such work is performed by a DIY enthusiast. The same applies also to all types of enclosures for bathtubs and shower pans, landings, small walls, mounting frames or steps. A floor laid on MFP® boards will be warm thanks to their good thermal insulation properties. It is also possible to combine them with a floor warming system.
What is also very important in the case of rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms is the fact that MFP® boards dissipate moisture very effectively, which guarantees a healthy microclimate as well as dry walls and floors. In such conditions there is no danger of the growth of harmful fungi or microorganisms, which is especially important for the health of children.
MFP® boards can be used to make the supporting structures of various niches, shelves or tops, which are frequent elements in the majority of bathrooms. In a kitchen, they can be used to build a structure of an island or a counter. It should be stressed at this point that, in the case of kitchens and bathrooms, various HPL laminates are recommended as a finishing material for MFP® boards. The result is a surface which is hygienic, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture. There is also a possibility of creating interesting aesthetic effects.