Premium quality kitchen

19 czerwca 2017

Pfleiderer presents a new line of unique kitchen tops. The Premium collection offers even higher resistance to humidity, unique anti-bacterial layer increasing the safety of users and absolutely mat XTreme texture. And in addition to that, eleven unique decors.

A kitchen top is one of the most important elements of the kitchen space design which has to answer huge aesthetic and functional expectations. It does not only have to look good, but also guarantee durability and stability. Pfleiderer kitchen tops are characterized by increased resistance (thanks to an insert made of HDF board) to mechanical damage. They are resistant to many factors which we encounter in every kitchen: high temperature, UV radiation, fruit acids and strong detergents. And now - within the new Premium line, we can offer even more!

Unique coating
Selected decors are available in trendy, absolute mat XTreme (XM) texture which ideally reflects the latest design trends presented, for instance, during the ISaloni fair in Milan. Moreover, within the Premium line, clients can select tops with anti-bacterial coating which effectively increases the hygiene of the working surface, therefore minimizing the risk of development of dangerous microorganisms.

All the products from the Premium collection are manufactured on a board characterized by increased resistance to humidity (P2 Green) which guarantees safe application of this product not only in the kitchen, but also in conditions of increased humidity, such as bathrooms - directly next to the wash basin. Apart from that, kitchen tops are individually wrapped in foil which protects them against scratching and small mechanical damages which could happen during transport or assembly.

Choose your pattern
The Premium collection covers eleven unique decors - including the U11027 Arctic White, so trendy in kitchen interiors, which is available in two options. With absolutely mat XTreme surface texture and with an anti-bacterial coating.
The Premium line also offers dark colours, such as U12000 Volcanic Black or U12290 Anthracite. On the opposite side, there is delicate R24029 Beech Light Fiord and glamorous R48005 Light Wood Glamour. The latter decor - maintained in the shades of grey - will work very well in elegant, modern interiors.
A complement to this palette of colours is R50062 Whitewashed Douglas Fir created by Piotr Kuchcińsk, as well as highly popular patterns inspired by concrete, designed by Oskar Zięta - S60008 Raw Concrete, S60011 Smooth Concrete Graphite, S60012 Smooth Concrete Brown and S60010 Smooth Concrete.