Poland’s first shining bike path!

5 października 2016

Poland’s first shining bike path was built near Lidzbark Warmiński. After dusk, the blue surface starts to emit gentle light, changing the ordinary bike path into a true star alley.

Similar solutions already exist in the world. The Dutch city of Eindhoven may boast the most famous bike path which was built in 2014, where special diodes are shaped into motifs resembling characteristic brush strokes of Vincent Van Gogh, who was born there more than 150 years earlier.
But Poland’s first shining path raises the standards even higher. Although it shines, it is completely self-reliant as far as power supply is concerned and it does not need any external sources of energy. How is it possible?
A special aggregate with luminescence properties was used for its construction. It absorbs electromagnetic radiation from visible area, ultraviolet or infrared. Then, the absorbed energy is emitted in the form of light, usually with power output lower than the power of the induction light.
For the time being, the constructed section of the path has a testing character. Now, it will be monitored from the point of view of its operation in various weather conditions and durability. Local authorities also foresee next test sections with the use of various quantities of the aggregate of different structure so that the optimum solution is found, and, if it proves effective, it will be used on a wider scale.
The authors of the path emphasize that such solution may improve safety. We hope that all cyclists ride well-lit single-track vehicles and can also see ordinary paths very well, but we can be certain of one thing: riding on such path is definitely much more pleasant and attractive. It may also become a tourist attraction and encourage people to bike trips and to change their four wheels to two.