Playing green?

13 września 2016

GRANNY SMITH U1877 M Pfleiderer is lively, succulent green of the laminated board. It goes very well with various types of wooden-type decors, it makes the interiors look fresh, it brings to mind associations with naturel and ecology. Since the green colour has been very fashionable for the past few seasons and it is readily used in interior design, this colour will definitely make your interiors look fashionable.

The greenery, ever-present in nature, looks beautiful in each of its shades and in the company of all other colours. Let’s look at it carefully during our walks. That is because the images we observe in nature may become a good source of inspiration for successful colour compositions for our interiors.

In our closest environment, we can see succulent, light, dark or emerald green, combined with warm colours - usually pure, but sometimes also broken. Such compositions will work very well at home as well. Greenery will look excellent in any interior if combined with white – in any edition. At the same time, such combination is fairly safe – it will not get spoilt by anything. Succulent green also forms a successful composition with light-coloured wood, white, pastel and grey colours. For this, you can use the colour of the GRANNY SMITH U1877 M Pfleiderer laminated board.