Pfleiderer products – from construction to interior design

23 listopada 2015

Complementarity, system-based unique solutions and guarantee of quality – these are the main features of Pfleiderer's offer comprising products used at all stages of construction and finishing operations.

Construction boards and laminated boards, HPL laminates, worktops and fire preventing products have been developed to help architects and contractors in their work and to achieve spectacular final effects.
Construction products
Pfleiderer products can be used already at the stage of erecting a particular structure. The MFP wood-based board is a perfect solution in the building of structures of walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. Built of long and thin chips arranged in various directions, characterised by a compact and uniform structure, the MPF board is resistant to the action of water and deformations – it does not bend or break under heavy weight and is flash resistant.

For roofs and walls to be erected in moist conditions, the special MDF.RHW Styleboard has been developed. It can cope with the most extreme conditions occurring in roof decking. Its major advantages result from the uniform structure of fibres which is achieved in a special technological process. The board ensures proper diffusion, wind barrier and resistance to moisture. The board is available in a version with a straight edge and in a tongue and groove version.

On the other hand, the Livingboard is a response to demand for ecological products within the trend of “green construction”. It is made of spruce wood characterised by a naturally low emission level of volatile compounds and bonded with formaldehyde-free PU adhesive.
Pfleiderer's fire resistant products are worth considering. Thanks to their innovative structure based on materials more resistant to the action of flames, boards and composites offered by Pfleiderer constitute a perfect choice with respect to fire prevention and can be applied successfully in places where ordinary products fail to meet necessary requirements. Pfleiderer's offer of fire resistant products includes high-pressure and compact laminates, Pyroex chipboards and composite elements as well as products with a mineral base. The composite element Duropal Vermiculit IMO and the non-combustible fire resistant board Duropal – flameprotect Compact can be used even in high-rise buildings and along evacuation routes.
Products for finishing works

With Pfleiderer, designing the usable space of public places is exceptionally easy thanks to its complementary design offer and system-based solutions. The design of each interior can be planned from a floor to a ceiling, also in rooms characterised by different requirements. Pfleiderer's offer makes it possible for designers to combine laminates with laminated boards and worktops in one room. Depending on what is required of a given surface or a piece of furniture, we can use a perfectly adjusted material and ensure the harmonious and elegant look of the whole element thanks to decors consistent in terms of design.

Laminated boards constitute a basic material in the manufacture of furniture and furnishing elements. A wide selection of designs, colours and structures inspired by such materials as wood, stone, metal or concrete, but free from their limitations, ensures freedom in design activities. The verified technology guarantees the products’ durability and strength.
Interior designers can expect even more from HPL laminates, which are characterised by a higher level of resistance to all negative factors occurring in public buildings such as water, temperature, mechanical damage, etc. Laminates can be used as wall and door claddings, on flat and rounded surfaces, e.g. on pillars. They are used in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings to be used in places exposed to heavy wear, such as hotel rooms, corridors, receptions, catering establishments, and even wet bathrooms and spas. HPL laminates belonging to the SolidColor series are worthy of a special recommendation because of their uniform thorough colouring which allows their milling and groutless jointing without any further finishing.
Another element of Pfleiderer's proposal is worktops offered at the thickness of 28 mm and 38 mm and in five different profiles. Thanks to their durability and strength, they can be used as counters in shops, hotel receptions and restaurants as well as educational and medical facilities.