Pfleiderer in the final of the Good Design 2017 competition

9 sierpnia 2017

That much is certain – we have made it to the final! Experts of the Institute of Industrial Design qualified as many as two of Pfleiderer products for the final stage of the “Good Design 2017” competition. The Duropal SolidColor Xtreme HPL laminate and the design collection of three exceptional decors – F73034 Reed Blue, F73051 Texwood White and F76069 Houndstooth Grey – thus made it to the elite group of the 114 best-designed products on the Polish market.
Winners of the “Good Design” competition will be announced on 26 October. And one day later, on 27 October, an post-competition exhibition will be opened which will present all of the awarded products. It will be the largest design exhibition in Poland, open from Tuesday to Sunday, 3 December, at the seat of the Institute of Industrial Design at ul. Świętojerska 5/7 in Warsaw. Free admission.

Absolute matt even at the edges
What distinguishes the solutions from Pfleiderer? What caught the attention of the experts of the Institute of Industrial Design? The Duropal SolidColor Xtreme laminate enchants with its absolutely matt, anti-reflective surface. Warm and “soft”, it practically begs to be touched. And that refers to the entire surface of pieces of furniture or fittings – even the edges, because the perfect matching of the core colour in Duropal SolidColor XTreme allowed for a monochrome design without visible edges and gaps. Moreover, this solution provides a number of functional benefits. It is very durable, easy to clean and guarantees exceptional resistance to greasy stains and fingerprints (Anti-Finger-Print property).

Three decors from the Pink House world
On the other hand, the Pfleiderer Design Collection is a successful combination of creativity, craftsmanship and the highest quality. These three unusual decors will surely be appreciated by all the people seeking new, original solutions.
Texwood White (F73051) is a combination of the pattern of wood and textiles – of classics and creativity. Stripe wood grain with incisions on rings, together with the fine mesh structure, make for a unique and original effect. The moderate interplay of colours and high precision turned out to be a recipe for intriguing elegance.

The characteristic background of the Reed Blue (F73034) with randomly distributed color intensity is an option for the bold. The visible contrast between the background and the scratch lines is further emphasised by the clear graphic structure, which is not softened even by the use of delicate pastel colours.

Houndstooth Grey (F76069), on the other hand, is a classic textile pattern combined with an original mesh structure. Elegant and raw, it is perfect for furniture fronts, house fittings and public facilities.

Recognition of the best
The main purpose of the “Good Design” competition, organised by the Institute of Industrial Design since 1993, is to distinguish products and services characterised by high-quality design and support their manufacturers and distributors. The main awards of GOOD DESIGN 2017 are awarded in nine categories: Home, Working environment, Public space, Services, New technologies, Graphic design and packaging, New materials, Transport and communication, Fashion and accessories.