Pfleiderer has a new head office

18 kwietnia 2016

The newly-opened head office of Pfleiderer is located in Millenium Tower IV in Wrocław and enables the merging of the operating activities of the Polish and German parts of the business. Over 30 people from both countries are currently employed in this office, but the number is going to grow soon.

Tutaj wstaw treść artykułuThe head office of Pfleiderer Grajewo was moved do Wrocław following the merging of the operating activities of the Polish and German parts of the business. The new office was designed to resemble a showroom in which our materials were used.
The formal integration of the Pfleiderer Group was completed in January 2016. The result is a company with total revenues reaching nearly EUR 1 billion (EUR 984.5 million in 2015). During the periodic review conducted on 18 March, the leading entity of the Group, Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A., was included in the Warsaw Stock Exchange mWIG40 index.
The single Pfleiderer company was officially established in January 2016. At the moment we are the only company operating on markets showing the greatest growth potential, with production plants in Poland and Germany. We were searching for an ideal place for our business and Wrocław turned out to be the best choice — said Michael Wolff, President of the Management Board and CEO at Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. The location of the new head office makes it possible to reach our plants functioning in both countries and all key customers in the whole region in a short time. Moreover, being a leading business centre in Poland, Wrocław boasts young, motivated, and talented employees, and we hope to make use of their skills in the further development of our company.
Currently, the company is focusing on merging the operating activities of the former Core East and Core West.
The leading entity, Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A., is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, but it operates in both countries. The management board consists of both Polish (2 representatives) and German (3 representatives) managers. The mid-level management also comprises employees from both these countries.
This balance is reflected in the weekly work schedule of the management board. — During a typical week, we spend two days in Poland and two days in Germany, and the fifth day is devoted to business trips, especially to our customers’ companies — says Wojciech Gątkiewicz, Member of the Management Board and CTO at Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. — This solution guarantees the best cooperation and facilitates cultural integration between the two former Cores — he adds.
The empty office space in the new head office gave Pfleiderer an excellent opportunity for presenting its products. A Pfleiderer team of designers, architects, and line employees were responsible for combining the typical office functions with a showroom look. The final effect surpassed the expectations that we had about the interior — the company’s products have countless applications — the furniture, the decoration elements, and the office equipment served to illustrate how different materials can be used and combined together.
— Our guests often praise the unique atmosphere of our office and our employees appreciate the friendly working environment. However, from our point of view, the most important aspect of the new head office is that we can use it show the diversity of our products to our customers — said Michael Wolff.