Peace and quiet in architecture

29 października 2015

A modern embodiment of the late 19th and early 20th century Warsaw region's Świdermajer architectural style, the house blends with the garden and, for its hard-working residents, constitutes perfect framework for a slow celebration of everyday life. The room's discreetly marked divisions and functions do not close the space, and the natural materials and textures give voice to designing details.

An extraordinary project by the LORENS Studio of Architecture and Design The Design Studio run by Anna Lorens and Marek Lorens specialises in architecture and the design of interiors and products.
For a few years they have been successfully presenting their productions at such famous events as Saloni del Mobile in Milan, Italy. The consultants of the “Good Interior” magazine. The authors of numerous private and public projects of various scales (e.g. the interiors of the Ambassador's residence in Berlin, private houses, private and office interiors).
The holders of the title of the “CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2014” in the category of Architecture, granted by the award committee of the “Builder” magazine.
They perceive architecture spatially, shunning superficial stylisation. They emphasise structure, noble materials in combination with a clear layout of functions. In their design projects, they are first and foremost architects. For them, design is an extension of thinking about space, an integral part of architecture. Objects designed by them are always a part of a wider spatial or organisational context. They are fascinated with technology in the service of everyday life.
Photographs: Rafał Poławski for the “Good Interior” magazine, stylisation: Eliza Mrozińska.