Options for doors

18 maja 2017

Fibreboard (HDF) is a perfect material for construction of internal doors and an attractive alternative for wood. And it is so for at least a few reasons. HDF is light, hard and resistant to minor mechanical damage. It offers thermal and acoustic insulation (thanks to a high density). And moreover, Pfleiderer offers it in the widest range of patterns and colours in the market. And in the best quality!

Wood-based materials, especially thin and light HDF, revolutionised the world of internal doors. When becoming an economic and functional alternative for solid and glued wood, HDF allowed for solving problems with heavy leaves which often warp and discolour.
Now, Pfleiderer, the leading producer of wood-based materials, offers door manufacturers even more possibilities. Modernisation of production lines in a factory in Grajewo allowed for obtaining a product of even better performance parameters. A wide palette of decors and structures from a new Design Collection 2017–2020 enables to offer customers a product which best suits their needs.

Two sides of HDF
Generally, HDF from Pfleiderer can be divided into two types – raw, sanded board (StyleBoard HDF) and lacquered board (DecoBoard HDF). The first product is designed for the most demanding customers. The dimensions of pressed sheets are maximally homogeneous, and an acceptable thickness deviation was minimised to the value of two-tenths of a millimetre! This innovation allowed for obtaining a perfect, smooth surface prepared for further refining.
DecoBoard HDF differs from StyleBoard HDF in that the former is covered with a decorative layer referring to patterns of boards and laminates. In practice, it means that internal doors and elements such as a back face of cabinets or drawer base may be maintained in the same style as the rest of the furniture. This, in turn, enables to create a homogeneous, aesthetically interesting arrangement of not a single interior but the whole flat or house!

Wide range of services
StyleBoard HDF and DecoBoard HDF from Pfleiderer, at a customer’s request, may be cut into forms of a desired size and machined in any way (milled or drilled). This service offered by Pfleiderer means in practice a major optimisation of production and saving since it allows for elimination of a problem of unaesthetic splinters occurring during cutting of lacquered sheets.
Moreover, the technology used allows for applying a three-dimension structure on the board surface, e.g. copying wood pores and substantially increasing the aesthetic value of doors.