Must have! Pfleiderer’s stone decors — Part 3

11 września 2017

Stones looks magnificent in interior designs. They complement various styles, evoke various associations. Seemingly cold, they introduce an element of familiarity and cosiness. So far, in this series of posts, we have discovered Pfleiderer decors that perfectly imitate marble and sand. Today, it is time for red granite!

Stone full of character

Red is a difficult colour, especially in the kitchen. Dominating and possessive, it contrasts sharply with the background and pushes all other elements aside. Is it capable of creating a harmonious pattern? And can it fit in as a kitchen worktop? In Pfleiderer’s decor Red Granite S61030 (R6306 CT), shades of red perfectly harmonise with one another, creating a multi-layered, as if three-dimensional pattern that compels you to touch it. The overlapping colours — burgundy, maroon, cherry, rust, and... delicate pink give the impression of roughness, characteristic of natural stone. This impression is strengthened by the haptic surface structure.

Red Granite is an ideal partner for light-coloured decors inspired by natural wood. It will highlight the subtlety and uniqueness of tree rings, at the same time being a solid base and a colour counterpoint. It will also look splendid in combination with all shades of grey, which is so fashionable today. White furniture fronts, in turn, will create a perfect background for this worktop — contrasting, but avoiding any unwanted dissonance.