Must have! Pfleiderer’s stone decors — Part 1

11 września 2017

The presence of natural stones is currently one of the most noticeable trends in interior design. Marbles, sandstones, granites — in various colours — are used for table tops, furniture fronts, and covers for walls and other structures. They are also perfect for the kitchen.

Our blog is going to feature a series of posts on stone decors that have been added to the rich range of products offered by Pfleiderer. Today, we would like to introduce Carrara Marble S63009 (R6303 MS), a decor inspired by natural rocks!

We go for classics

Marble is something more than just a stone. Even its name alone evokes associations that lead us into elegant, rich interiors of palaces, temples, and museums. This precious rock has always been a popular choice among artists in different parts of the world. Its unique pattern continues to impress and fascinate.

The decor Carrara Marble S63009 (R6303 MS), offered by Pfleiderer, ideally corresponds to its classical interpretation. The white, milky background of the decor is a perfect stage for grey, graphite, and crystal-clear stone veins. Irregular, somewhat wayward, they compel you to trace them with your eyes, follow with your fingertip, admire... Carrara Marble will feel splendid in combination with bold colours: red will energise it, bottle green will add to it some depth, and dark blue will intriguingly accentuate the fine veins.