Monochromatic kitchen

5 października 2016

Ceramic tiles, glass, metal, or maybe a material having exactly the same decor as the worktop or kitchen cupboards? A decision what material should be used for kitchen walls, between bottom and top cupboards, does dot have to be so difficult at all - even if we want to achieve as uniform design as possible. The solution is Pfleiderer wood-based splashbacks and upstands which can be ideally composed with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

The development of an interior design of the kitchen usually starts with determination of a general character of the interiors, as well as the approximate layout of carcasses of individual machines, equipment and pieces of furniture. Then the preferred colour scheme and the type of applied materials are agreed on. A decision on what will be on the wall between bottom and top cupboards is usually taken much later (if not right at the end) and it is often a choice which seems to be most troublesome and least satisfactory for users. Why?
Still a few years ago, the material which was definitely most often selected by clients for splashbacks was ceramic tiles. The rich offer of their designs gave quite a lot of freedom and ensured quite a good match with the character of the whole kitchen design. But usually we encountered those little “quites” and even bigger “buts”. First of all, tiles constitute a new, additional material in the interiors which does not always match the decor used on the furniture (e.g. rustic decors or decors inspired by exotic wood). Secondly, in particular when they come in small sizes, they are quite a challenge to keep clean (who never scrubbed joints?).
When an alternative for tiles appeared on the market (such as glass and metal), it immediately won the interest of clients. Unfortunately, in this case it also quickly turned out that those solutions have their disadvantages - in particular as far as hygiene is concerned (keeping metal sheets ideally clean is quite a challenge). Besides, metal or glass simply do not go well with warm and cozy designs.
Over the top and on the top
So what instead? Pfleiderer suggests solutions which, on the one hand, guarantee elimination of functional inconveniences and, on the other hand, offer top-level aesthetics. What are they? Wood-based elements used as splashbacks guarantee complex equipment and comprehensive design of the kitchen interiors.
Those products help to eliminate a risk of composition consisting of two different, clashing shades of one colour, because they are based on the same decor palette as Pfleiderer laminated worktops. Moreover, many of those patterns are also available on laminated boards, which helps to create a coherent, visually-interesting design.
The construction of splashbacks is based on P2 boards, coated on both sides with durable HPL. They are available in 4,100 x 600 mm format, thanks to which they can cover the whole space between bottom and top cupboards. They are relatively thin - the board thickness is 8 mm, and their assembly is a child’s play. Backs are resistant to humidity and high temperature, which means that they can be assembled even next to kitchen sinks and cookers. Another important aspect is that, similarly to worktops, they are easy to keep clean. The functionality of this solution is demonstrated by the fact that HPL splashbacks are characterized by higher mechanical strength than ceramic tiles and glass, and they are more resistant to high temperature and detergents.
For those who like less
For lovers of absolute minimalism, the Pfleiderer company prepared upstands available on demand. They are low plinths which protect the space immediately over worktop and which form an excellent alternative for commonly-used aluminum or PVC skirting board. The top edge of the board with the dimensions of 4100 x 120 x 18 mm is slightly rounded, which helps to maintain aesthetic softness. This solution literally dominated the British market in recent years (upstands are the most popular finish of laminated HPL worktops on the British Isles).
Upstands look excellent in decors inspired by natural stone or concrete, as well as in monochromatic designs. Then, together with the worktop, they form a neat and highly functional duo, giving the impression of one whole. They are particularly recommended for designs which do not include top cupboards, because then the emphasize the lightness of construction and the sense of space. Upstand are available in the collection of Duropal decors.