MFP® formwork - a strong foundation of a design

27 kwietnia 2017

The mfp® formwork of the Pfleiderer company is used to construct formwork of multiple use. It works particularly well in places where the achievement of ideally-smooth and large surface of concrete is important. The board provides for numerous repetition of castings of the same, even highly complicated shape, which means the saving of money and time.

Using the mfp® formwork of the Pfleiderer company, we can quickly and easily erect concrete and reinforced concrete walls at the building site, monolithic ceilings, binding joists, lintels, poles, as well as strip and pad foundations. Its smooth surface does not require subsequent grouting and polishing, which, in practice, means great saving of time in the process of concrete and reinforced concrete processing. And time is generally a value which may not be overestimated in the course of implementation of construction investments.

MFP® formwork is resistant to humidity, and their edges are protected by the manufacturer with acrylic paint. They are suitable for multiple use, provided that the place where they are cut and drilled, as well as any possible damages which occurs during their disassembly, are protected with waterproof paint. This is particularly important in the case of a need of casting elements of the same shape - particularly when the mould is complicated and non-standard. The mfp® formwork works ideally in such situations. A possibility of multiple use of both the whole boards and the shapes made of them means not only great saving of money, but also of time which would otherwise have to be spent on preparation of the next formwork.

When the smooth surface is needed
The making of mfp® formwork is not complicated - this material is highly producer-friendly. You can plot on the board, cut it according to the required shape and drill holes in it. Working with mfp®, it is a good idea to use only professional tools suitable for coated wood-derivative materials, such as sharp blades with small teeth, in order to ensure smooth edges. This will help to maintain longer life of the board and obtain a better quality of the casting surface.

The mpf® formwork is resistant to splitting. It easily sustains the pressure of concrete mixture filling the formwork. Screws and nails hold well in it. The excellent anti-adhesion of the board surface guarantees that the formwork can be easily detached from the surface of the concrete, without damaging the concrete casting or the formwork. Used formwork can be easily cleaned with the use of a hard brush made of artificial hair.

Confirmed quality
The easiness of work with mpf® formwork is a result of its properties. The material is suitably stiff - its resistance to bending is 19 N/mm2, resistance to stretching - 0.8 N/mm2, and the flexular modulus - 3900 N/mm2. The board is also resistant to humidity which, in the case of formwork - is a necessary condition. In view of percentage value, the swelling of mfp® after 24 hours, according to EN 317, amounts only to 8! These excellent parameters are confirmed by the certificate of the Internal Production Control for mpf® construction chipboard, based on on EN 312, and by the CE marking.
The Pfleiderer mpf® formwork is available in the universal thickness of 21 mm. It is offered in the format of: 2500x900 mm.