Matte is back in vogue — new Pfleiderer textures

20 kwietnia 2016

The “matt trend” is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. The new Pfleiderer structures — the deeply matt XTreme Mat (XM) and Semi Mat (SM) — fully conform to this trend.

After years of dominance of high gloss surfaces, matt and deep matt step onto the stage. The trend was easily noticeable at the Salone del Mobile trade fair in Milan, where most collections presented had a matt finish. Such structures are regarded as more natural and user-friendly than High Gloss. They are more subtle and refined. Warm-looking and pleasant to the touch, they make it easier to calm down and relax. Not only that — they also have many functional values, as they are regarded as easier to clean in comparison with high gloss surfaces. Pfleiderer’s response to the growing popularity of matt surfaces is the introduction of two unique surface textures into the company’s offer.
Extreme matt
The first one — Xtreme Mat (available on HPL laminates), soft and velvety to the touch, with its innovative, electron beam hardened top layer — has all advantages of HPL surfaces. What makes it different is the completely matt texture that is warm to the touch. Additionally, it guarantees unparalleled colour intensity — especially in the case of decors with metallic effects. The mother-of-pearl effect also looks spectacular in combination with this new surface finish. The Xtreme structure can be used with each of the 300 HPL decors offered by Pfleiderer. 17 decors are available immediately and starting from 1-item orders.
Cleaning XTreme Mat-covered surfaces like kitchen cupboard fronts, walls, and other arrangement elements is extremely easy, even in the case of greasy stains. The structure is totally resistant to fingerprints. Keeping it clean is exceptionally easy due to its hygienic surface. It is resistant to popular cleaning and chemical agents, solvents, and disinfectants, which is why it can be successfully used for the decoration of public venue interiors – for covering walls and doors, counters, bar tops, and furniture fronts, among other things.
Now, on a special order basis, Pfleiderer also provides (kitchen) worktops in selected decors with the XTreme Mat structure.

Subtlety embodied

In order to cater to the preferences of enthusiasts of matt surface finish, this year Pfleiderer enriched its offer of laminated boards with the interesting Semi Mat structure. The product, debuted at this year’s trade fair in Poznań, received an enthusiastic response from people visiting the company’s stand. It is the right product for everyone who is tired of the ubiquity of high gloss and is looking for more toned down solutions. Semi Mat, velvety to the touch, is very natural in character — subtle and delicate.