Komin Office with Pfleiderer!

18 kwietnia 2016

PFLEIDERER MATERIALS: office furniture in the open space part and coverings of the walls, floors, and ceilings of the internal extension containing conference rooms and quiet work rooms made of mfp® board

DESIGNER: WWAA (www.wwaa.pl), Projekt Praga (www.projektpraga.pl), SuperSuper (www.supersuper.pl)
INVESTOR: WWAA, Projekt Praga, SuperSuper
Komin 73 (“Chimney 73”) is a facility in Warsaw’s Soho Factory where three design studios are located: Projekt Praga, SuperSuper, and WWAA. A former factory floor, today it houses an office, but the hosts largely preserved its austere, industrial character. It is finely dovetailed with an internal structure containing meeting rooms, made of mfp® building board, and the furniture used in the open space part — also made of mfp®.
Cubicles of various sizes, made of mfp®, became components of desks, bookcases, and partition walls dividing particular workstations.
However, the most impressive elements are the “cottages” that contain conference rooms. The simple geometric form is devoid of any unnecessary decoration, and the mfp® boards are their natural colour. The “cottages” look the same on the outside and on the inside.
— Thanks to mfp®, we were able to create acoustically insulated spaces, which really helps us in our everyday work. mfp® board also has a very interesting structure, a little harsh, but much nicer than other types of chipboard. For this reason, it was perfect for the construction of shelves and partitions. The board colour matches the character of our office. The board also proved to be an excellent structural component — says Hanna Kokczyńska from SUPER SUPER.