Kitchen worktops: modern design

4 sierpnia 2016

Design compatibility of the kitchen worktops and fronts made from laminated boards allow for the design of exquisitely sophisticated kitchen furniture.

One of contemporary trends in kitchen furniture design is to create minimalist, monolith designs, devoid of unnecessary details. Few closed cabinets, cabinet doors without handles, opening at a slight touch - following the principle that the less the better. The same principle applies to the selection of decors - designers are rather removing elements instead of adding them, so it’s optimal when only one remains in the interior: one on the worktop and one on the cabinet fronts.
Exotics in full
Recognising the need for design compatibility, for the past several years Pfleiderer has been introducing decors that are available both on kitchen worktops and laminated boards. Exotic wood models are perfect for such a double role. Contrastive Makassar, with distinctive growth rings, will look great on longer, horizontal surfaces. Similarly in the case of Rockpile, although its growth rings are not as fine as in the case of Makassar. Rockpile also has a warmer and lighter colour scheme, similar to the shades of naturally tanned leather. Shanga Wenge is a little more neutral, which creates the impression of naturalness, due to visibly marked pores.
Rustical or elegant
If we prefer slightly lighter, not overwhelming kitchen units, it is a good idea to select the warm-toned, harmonious Walnut Ecco or still lighter Mountain Alder. The first one creates the impression of elegance, whereas the second one is a good selection for contemporary interiors, yet with a slightly rustical touch. The modern-style effect can be achieved using gray Navarra, with finely marked growth rings, resembling the wood coated with a subtly toned varnish.
4 x concrete
The latest Pfleiderer proposal in the range of complementary worktop and board decors involves designs inspired by cement surfaces, created by Oskar Zięta, in the collection: “Materials we love. Concept by Zięta & Kuchciński”. Raw Concrete presents full richness of the texture of stark concrete. Raw Concrete Graphite features elegant, deep gray, combined with the industrial pattern. Smooth Concrete is a representation of polished architectural concrete with a fine pattern, and Smooth Concrete Brown is a dark version of the same design, with a characteristically smokey shade.