In the classroom with Pfleiderer

13 czerwca 2016

Everyone knows that playing is the best form of learning. It is the most pleasant when it takes place in a friendly, colourful, and — very importantly — safe environment. Such preschool and school classroom interiors can be created with the use of Pfleiderer materials — laminated boards, worktops, and HPL laminates.

Pupils do not need to think of education at schools and nursery schools as an unpleasant obligation and associate it with gloomy surroundings. Interiors in which kids and teenagers spend at least several hours every day can be friendly places — colourful and cheerful. How should they be designed? And what materials should be used to ensure children safety and hygiene?
As clean as... a nursery school?
Kids do not only play and study in nursery school rooms. Frequently, they also exercise and have meals there — which is why cleanliness is of fundamental importance in such places. It is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also their safety and health. For this reason, floors, walls, furniture, and other elements need to be made of materials having hygiene or health certificates. These requirements are met by HPL laminates and laminated worktops by Pfleiderer. A wide range of these products can be covered with the antibacterial MicroPlus coating, which is perfectly suited for places that are particularly susceptible to the presence of bacteria — e.g. nursery school desks or play areas. Research shows that in comparison with other materials, Microplus has impressive antibacterial effectiveness! It reduces the number of bacteria by over 99% within 24 hours.
Additionally, HPL laminates make it possible to design furniture having oval, curved shapes, which are much safer than conventional models with sharp edges. HPL laminates are also characterised by excellent functional parameters: they are resistant to detergents, moisture, and sunlight, as well as to minor mechanical damage, such as scratches, which is not uncommon in a school or nursery school.

Durability comes first
The majority of school furniture are tables and desks which need to be durable and aesthetic at the same time. Pfleiderer recommends HPL laminates and their economical alternative — laminated boards, all available in many cheerful decors, for their production. The decors include ones inspired by wood, which are perfectly suited for all interiors, creating an atmosphere of cosiness. The range is complemented by single-coloured decors in lovely, bright colours. They bring a breath of fresh air into interiors and will certainly appeal to kids.
Pfleiderer’s offer also comprises products dedicated specially to school interiors. HPL Magnet is particularly noteworthy. You can draw and write with chalk on the surface of the laminate just like on a traditional blackboard. The difference is that our laminate can be used to cover e.g. a whole wall and thus create a very original arrangement — perfect for learning and playing. Moreover, as opposed to blackboards, HPL Magnet is far stronger and does not involve the risk of falling down or being torn off by playing kids.