In silver and gold

19 lipca 2017

Metals and materials inspired by them are here to stay in the world of furniture-making and interior design, attracting an ever greater number of fans. They are present as accents – fixtures, supports, decorations, but also increasingly often as dominant elements of furniture, for instance fronts and worktops... The introduce unique chic and elegance, not only to cool industrial interiors or unrestrained glamour. They are also used in cosy, private and atmospheric interiors with increasing frequency.

Keeping in line with the pattern trend (which was clearly visible at the iSaloni fair in Milan or the recent Tendence in Frankfurt), Pfleiderer offers a number of decors inspired by metallic surfaces. They are available in various surface structures and on various carriers – laminated boards, HPL laminates, worktops and worktop walls (on request).

The coolness of steel...
A palette of decors inspired by raw steel and aluminium is a great solution for interiors in a cool minimalist or loft style.
Worktops in decors White Aluminium (F7004) or Alu Brushed (F76023) in such interiors will be more than a modest accent. They will surely stand out and define the entire interior.
At the same time, using them will eliminate the problem of maintaining cleanliness of working surfaces, which is characteristic for steel and aluminium surfaces.

Metallic worktop decors can be complemented by worktop walls available in decors such as Alu Brushed (F76023), as well as HPL laminates with a unique metal coating, which can be used for wall coverings. The universal design of steel in decors such as: Aluminium with Nickel Effect (F80000), Aluminium with Steel Effect (F80003) and Grey Metallic (F70015) make it possible to apply laminates in the space between cabinets and even above kitchen sinks, gas hobs and induction plates.
HPL guarantees resistance against adverse factors occurring in the kitchen – humidity and high temperatures, as well as provides an exceptional resistance to minor mechanical and chemical damage.

...and the warmth of gold
Pfleiderer also offers extremely trendy decors in warm shades of gold, copper and brass, as well as decors with a “used look” effect.
Metallic Toffee (F70008) and Crusoe (F76027) are perfect ideas for worktops in retro kitchens. Decors in warm, dark browns resembling corroded, old metal look particularly precious and refined. They will work perfectly with copper and brass accessories, as well as any elements made of natural timber.

Their charm truly shines when combined with the lush greenness of herbs and plants, as well as delicate creamy porcelain tableware.