Fixing up the kitchen - kitchen tops solutions

16 kwietnia 2017

Today, in our “Fixing up the kitchen” series - we will present a solution which proves ideally useful over our kitchen top.

The fitted furniture design of the kitchen is ready:
- when we have selected the layout of individual cupboards, as well as the material for their production,
- when we know the decors of boards which will be on the fronts, bodies and kitchen top,
and then the time comes to arrange and protect the space between top and bottom cupboards. This is the space which easily gets dirty and is particularly prone to such factors as high temperature or humidity. This is also the space which often poses a lot of difficulties as far as its design is concerned.

Pfleiderer suggests two solutions which guarantee the protection of the wall space over the kitchen top. Both are an excellent alternative for popular ceramic tiles or glass which sometimes can have their faults. Splashbacks and upstands guarantee elimination of a risk that a few different, discording shades of one colour are present in the kitchen. That is thanks to the fact that they come from the same range of decors as the Pfleiderer laminated tops and, to a large extent, laminated boards.
The structure of splashbacks is based on P2 boards, covered on both sides with resistant HPL. They are available in 4.100 x 600mm format, thanks to which they guarantee the protection of the whole space between cupboards. They are relatively thin - boards are 8 mm thick, and their assembly is a child’s play. Splashbacks are resistant to humidity and high temperature, which provides for their assembly even next to kitchen sinks or cookers.

On the other hand, upstands are low structures which protect the space immediately over the kitchen top and which form an excellent alternative for the commonly-used aluminum or PVC band. The top edge of the board with the dimensions of 4100 x 120 x 18mm is slightly rounded, which ensures the maintenance of aesthetic fineness. Upstands look excellent in decors inspired by natural stone or concrete, highly trendy these days, which dominated producers’ offr during the Milan ISaloni fair. They are particularly recommended in kitchens where no top cupboards are used, because they emphasize the lightness of the design.

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