Fixing up the kitchen – boards and tops

4 kwietnia 2017

When we equip our own kitchen, we usually look for solutions tailored especially for us - functional and aesthetic at the same time. What solutions, materials and colours enjoy the greatest interest at the moment? Today, we are starting our April series of three “Fixing up the kitchen” series, in which we will show you what materials are most commonly used in the kitchen. In the series, we will also show you new, still not very popular solutions which may prove to be useful in our design and become the so-called “dot over i”.

The design of the kitchen furniture constitutes one of the greatest challenges faced by designers and furniture producers. In no other room in the house, so many colours, patterns and forms have to be fitted on merely a few or a dozen square meters. And what is more, in the style which suits all the inhabitants, at the same time guaranteeing durability and hygiene.

The basic material for production of kitchen furniture is boards and laminated boards. Pfleiderer offers both DecoBoard laminated boards, which are used to build cupboard bodies and fronts, and painted HDF boards which prove useful as back panels of boards, large fittings, as well as bottoms of drawers. The boards are available in a range of decors and surface structures unrivalled in the market. We can find among them not only subtle and delicate patterns, but also strong and expressive ones. Mat and glossy finish, 3D and ideally smooth finishes are also available. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the DSTXPress collection, which is available in the Pfleiderer Partner network all over Poland.

Another, not least important component is laminated working tops, characterized by increased (thanks ton an insert made of HDF board) resistance to mechanical damage. Pfleiderer boards are resistant to many factors, such as UV radiation, fruit acids and detergents. And now - within the new line of Premium tops, clients may also choose tops with an antibacterial layer which are individually packed in foil, preventing them against scratching. All the products from the Premium collection are manufactured on the basic of P2 green board resistant to humidity, which guarantees the safe use of that product in the environments characterized by increased humidity, such as bathrooms.

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