Fixing up the kitchen - a dot over i

27 kwietnia 2017

If we want the design of our kitchen to be successful – we need to take care of every detail. Today, in our “Fixing up the kitchen” series, we will present the so-called “dot over i”.

The fitted furniture in the kitchen is almost ready. We know what materials and patterns will be on the kitchen cupboards and between them. Now a question arises - what about other walls in the kitchen? And here Pfleiderer has prepared the right solutions. Fully complementary with the boards, HPL laminates help to aesthetically protect other walls and elements of the kitchen furniture - also those characterized by non-standards sizes and shapes. More elaborate forms are no longer a problem, because HPL laminates are susceptible to forming.

Laminates are characterized by exceptional resistance to humidity, sun and temperature, it is difficult to scratch or damage them, so they prove useful even in premises which are subjected to intensive use. And in addition to that, they are highly hygienic - they meet the requirements of standard DIN EN 438, which means that they are licensed to be used in rooms for storage, processing and consuming food.

What is important is that HPL laminates, similarly to other Pfleiderer solutions covered by the new Design 2017-2020 Collection, are available in an exceptionally wide range of decors inspired by wood, stone, concrete, as well as fabrics, metals and colours of nature. This helps to create individualized designs, fully meeting the needs of individual users. The complementarity of the offer of laminated boards, tops and HPL laminates offers unlimited possibilities of creating coherent and individualized kitchen space and accompanying space, such as dining or living rooms.


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