Dissonance-free kitchens with Pfleiderer

25 lipca 2017

Designing a kitchen – furniture fittings, but also walls and functional elements – can be like solving a puzzle. From many elements you must choose the ones which will match and create a perfect picture. However, in contrast to a complete set of puzzle pieces included in a box, designing a kitchen requires that we choose from various elements which do not always match. After all, there are many various solutions on the market: materials, colours, textures and forms which are different in style and made for different interiors. Solutions which do not always work well together.

Towards harmony
This issue can be remedied by using the offer of Pfleiderer – a manufacturer of wood-based materials who proposes comprehensive and perfectly-matching kitchen solutions. The brand offers products which make it possible to create a complete arrangement of furniture fittings (laminated boards, worktops and HDF), as well as protect and decorate walls (HPL laminates, flat elements, worktop walls).
Using these products eliminates the risk of selecting colours or textures which do not match, thus disrupting the entire arrangement. Moreover, Pfleiderer products also mean attractive decors and colours compatible with the latest trends, as well as the highest quality guaranteeing long-term and worry-free use.

Between the cabinets
It is worth paying attention to solutions for the section between the top and the bottom cabinets. It is one of the most critical places in the kitchen, which serves two functions at the same time – decoration and utility. The surface, situated at they eye level, is perceived at a central section tying the functional zones together into a consistent whole. At the same time, it is at a significant risk of contamination, which is why it is so important to protect it against humidity and dirt.
Worktop walls from Pfleiderer fulfil both of these functions in a perfect manner. They provide an advantage in terms of cleanliness and maintenance, as well as high resistance to mechanical damage, humidity and high temperatures.
At the same time, they are available in the same decors as other Pfleiderer products (worktops, HPL laminates and laminated boards), which makes it possible to create a harmonious interior in any style. By selecting the right pattern and colour of the wall for the colour of the cabinets, worktop or floor, it is possible to create uniform zones, or conversely – underline its individual nature and make the space between the cabinets the main area of interest in the kitchen!
The walls are available in the following size: 4100 x 600 x 8 mm. The stock collection includes 12 decors (Lancelot Oak, Sonoma Oak, Ecco Walnut, Rockpile, Metallic Brown, Kashmir White, Nubian Light, Marble Light, Alu Brushed, Graphite Light and White W10320, and Marble Roma with a high-shine finish), with other decors available on request.