Concrete is still fashionable

2 maja 2017

Austere, concrete surfaces in interiors are still enjoying great success. They open up a wide area of arrangement possibilities and allow for combining it with different accessories. As it turns out, concrete can change the character of our house. It may be used in rooms of a harsher, sophisticated character and everywhere we want to create a cosy space.

A good companion of glass and wood
If we want to create an elegant and modern space – let’s combine concrete surfaces (e.g. a fragment of a wall) with glass. Large glazing surfaces which ensure a sufficient amount of daylight in an interior would turn out to be a good idea. Such a solution will work well in public buildings, offices, as well as at home, e.g. in a nook for working on a computer.
Interior decor in which glass and concrete are prevailing may be made cosier by adding flowers. Green, which is extremely fashionable this year, will work perfectly in just about every room.

We can create a cosy interior with concrete by combining it with wood, as well. This material surely brings a more pleasant atmosphere to our home while “taming” the concrete. This combination may match a living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Not only for walls and stairs
Concrete works well not only as a wall lining. It does pretty well as a furniture element. For example, we can choose bathroom worktops made of concrete. In the dining room, concrete can work well on a table top, and in the bedroom – as a bedside table.