Compact possibilities

8 czerwca 2017

The development of furniture for interiors characterized by increased humidity, and heavily-used interiors is a great challenge for designers and carpenters. How to create furniture which will be as functional and solid as possible and good-looking at the same time? The fulfilment of this task is possible thanks to materials characterized by unique properties. For example, Pfleiderer Duropal HPL Compact laminates.

The range of Pfleiderer compact laminates was created bearing in mind unusual furniture concepts, as well as interiors which pose an exceptionally high challenge - humid, heavily-used, with increased hygienic and sanitary requirements... This product is an excellent alternative for traditional wood-derivative boards, providing for manufacture of original, highly-aesthetic designs. Where and why will Duropal HPL Compact work?


Ideal for special tasks
The unique structure of compact Pfleiderer laminates - uniform filling made of white or black impregnated base paper, as well as two-way resistant coating made of melamine resin (in various options) - enables us to offer the users unique resistance to humidity. This provides for their use in bathroom furniture - also in public places, changing rooms, swimming pools, spas, as well as in restaurants, hotels, offices or shopping centres. Moreover, the increased mechanical resistance makes them useful even as doors, wall panels and partition walls. Even in locations where small material cross-sections are required with the maintenance of the highest aesthetic parameters, functionality and durability - for instance, in fair or shop furniture.
The high hygiene of the product and easiness of maintaining its cleanliness mean that Duropal Compact also works well in educational institutions, or even in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals! This is also a product which guarantees safety - Duropal HPL Compact Pyroex, thanks to its ignition-impeding properties, offers fire protection.

Just like in dreams
The functional properties constitute only one of the advantages of compact laminates. Apart from the, they also offer a unique choice of colour variants, patterns and surface textures. In its Design 2017-2020 collection, Pfledierer offers its clients the widest palette of decors inspired by wood, stone, fabrics, industrial materials and many more... What is more, laminates provide for three-dimensional engraving. But this is not all.
The Duropal HPL Compact Metallic products are available in unique metallic finish obtained thanks to pearl mass pigments which emphasize their aesthetic values even more. Meanwhile, the Duropal HPL Compact Individual products are offered - at clients’ request - in any patterns of their choice! This is possible thanks to the digital print technology which offers unprecedented possibilities of individualization of the product.