Choose a worktop for yourself — Pfleiderer presents ideas

22 czerwca 2016

Made of stone, wood, metal, board, glass... The range of materials available on the market that can be used to make a kitchen worktop is very diverse. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, stone is pretty, but cold, expensive, and... fragile. Wood needs to be impregnated and protected against heat. Metal needs to be cleaned regularly. Glass, in turn, is rather suited for original kitchen arrangements.

Worktops made of chipboard covered with laminate, in turn, guarantee and interesting aesthetic effect by imitating very accurately natural wood and stone, but are free of the disadvantages of these materials. As opposed to wooden worktops, laminated worktops by Pfleiderer guarantee much better resistance to scratches, moisture, and high temperature (and a hot pot or spilt beverage is nothing uncommon in the kitchen). Moreover, they are more difficult to discolour (e.g. with fruit acids), and due to their resistance to detergents — they are easier to clean. As for stone worktops — laminated worktops are warmer and more pleasant to the touch. Another important factor is the price — this product is definitely the cheapest and most popular option.
Following the latest trends
Thanks to the diversity of products available on the market, laminated worktops guarantee a wide choice of colours and functions. For instance, Pfleiderer currently offers over 80 decors inspired by various wood species (also exotic) and types of stone. They include fashionable concrete and steel designs, which at first glance look the same as originals in every detail.
Importantly, every year, Pfleiderer enriches its range of decors with designs following the latest trends presented e.g. at trade fairs in Milan or Cologne. This year, the offer has been enriched with five patterns: two ones inspired by wood — Dąb Bordeaux R4414 RT and Daglezja Bielona R3901 MO, two ones for enthusiasts of bold design — the dark grey Tivoli R6244 CT and Rabac R6234 FG, and Crusoe R6233 FG, bringing to mind slightly corroded, time-weathered metal.

New quality
Pfleiderer worktops are now available with even better quality. The new technology used in the modernised factory in Wieruszów allows the production of worktops that are more resistant to mechanical damage alongside edges. The addition of an HDF insertion to the side edge in profiles C, E and U resulted in increased quality and strength of the entire worktop and unprecedented smoothness. Worktops are available in new sizes, more attractive especially for those customers who choose to have their kitchen arranged on a special order basis. The product is available in the following lengths: 2,050, 3,050, and (standard) 4,100 mm, and on a special order basis — from 2,000 to 4,300 mm, and the following thicknesses: from 18 mm to 40 mm (previously — 28-38 mm).
Decor descriptions:
1. Dąb Bordeaux R4414 RT is an example of a thoroughly rustic design. The distinctly highlighted imperfections — knots, deep cracks, and scratches, disturb the calmness of the ring layout, introducing dynamism and giving an impression of authenticity. This impression is reinforced by the colours — the light background and the contrasting, distinctly darker, sometimes even black, traces of actions of nature.
2. Daglezja Bielona R3901 MO is one of the decors created by Piotr Kuchciński for the immensely popular collection entitled: "Materials we Love. Concept by Zięta & Kuchciński”. In this design, the natural charm of Douglas fir wood was enriched with a subtle, sort of transparent effect of bleaching. The harmonious layout of rings gives a natural effect somewhat evocative of pine wood but is characterised by more delicate colours.
3. Tivoli R6244 CT brings to mind solidified lava or the Moon surface. Rough and non-uniform, thoroughly authentic, it simply invites you to touch it. The design is very austere. The remarkable depth of its colours makes you keep your eyes fixed on it even if what you look for in kitchen interiors is predominantly cosiness and warmth.
4. Rabac R6234 FG is much gentler. The design, rendered as if it were shrouded in mist, is more delicate and somehow softer. It brings to mind paintings in dark watercolours in which darker and lighter elements smoothly fuse together.
5. The Crusoe R6233 FG worktop was designed in a completely different style. Inspired by industrial surfaces, it brings to mind slightly corroded, time-weathered metal. Worn out and scratched, the surface looks very much as if it had “gone through a lot” and is therefore fully representative of the fashionable “used look” style. Crusoe is perfectly suited for loft style and minimalist arrangements, in which it will provide a sharp contrast to the chaste and simple forms.