A presentation of product novelties during a meeting with the representatives of the Pfleiderer Partner network

26 marca 2018

Information on the strategic directions in the company's development and a presentation of novelties in the product offer were the leading motives in the company’s meeting with the Pfleiderer Partner network held in the very heart of the city of Łódź, the Andels Hotel. Known for its unique interiors combining design, the latest trends and functionality, the Andels Hotel is an ideal space for a presentation of new Pfleiderer products – PrimeBoard and Duropal HPL Compact Exterior.

The meeting was attended by Ivo Schintz – CCO, Member of the Management Board of Pfleiderer Group S.A. The meetings of company managers with the representatives of Pfleiderer partnership network are always a perfect opportunity for sharing the most important information, getting to know our Partners’ opinions, and working out solutions for the future, said Ivo Schintz – CCO, Member of the Management Board of Pfleiderer Group S.A. During the meeting the participants became familiar with the company's strategy for the nearest future, discussed its planned capital expenditures in the areas of technology and state-of-the-art marketing, logistics and IT solutions. Forecasts reflect positive expectations about the development of the furniture market in Poland. According to estimates, by 2020 the value of sold furniture will have grown by more than 18% to 50 billion zlotys, said Michał Bąk, Wholesale Manager.

The entire Pfleiderer product offer is consistent with the world's latest trends in the areas of interior design and arrangement. These trends include also new and innovative products presented by Pfleiderer during the meeting and to be launched into the market in the nearest future. One of them is PrimeBoard, innovative and refined decorative boards available in the High Gloss or XTreme Matt versions; another one is Duropal HPL Compact Exterior – new Pfleiderer boards for exterior applications as endwall claddings, balcony safety railing casings or a perfect and durable material for the manufacture of playground furniture or outdoor kitchens.

The company also informed the participants about introducing its offer of kitchen worktops and worktop side panels into such new sales channels as Castorama, Leroy Merlin, and Bricoman. This is an important step in the development of Pfleiderer’s distribution network as well as a new challenge in developing tools of communication with the end user of its products.