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Metal on the kitchen counter

1 sierpnia 2016
EN, Furniture
A kitchen worktop made of metal always makes an impression. However, in terms of functionality it often does not accomplish its purpose. It is easy to scratch, and cleaning is a nightmare! The alternative is Pfleiderer kitchen worktops, which perfectly imitate precious metals, and at the same time are deprived of their disadvantages.

Choose a worktop for yourself — Pfleiderer presents ideas

22 czerwca 2016
EN, Furniture
Made of stone, wood, metal, board, glass... The range of materials available on the market that can be used to make a kitchen worktop is very diverse. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, stone is pretty, but cold, expensive, and... fragile. Wood needs to be impregnated and protected against heat. Metal needs to be cleaned regularly. Glass, in turn, is rather suited for original kitchen arrangements.

Choose a black Pfleiderer worktop

25 maja 2016
EN, Furniture
A light worktop and dark cupboard fronts — this combination is fairly common in kitchen arrangements. How about reversing it? Contrary to appearances (and many people’s concern), a black worktop in the kitchen is as functional as a light one, and what is more, it guarantees a spectacular effect. The question is: what decor to choose and what to combine it with?

Pfleiderer worktops inspired by minerals - a wealth of details

2 listopada 2015
EN, Furniture
Pfleiderer's collection of kitchen worktops inspired by minerals is extremely universal. Neutral design perfectly matches arrangements of diversified character – in both the privacy of your home and public facilities. Depending on particular requirements of a given interior, they can constitute a background for other materials or play the first violin.

Pfleiderer worktops – the timeless charm of wood

26 października 2015
EN, Furniture
The structure of wood in the kitchen is a good and proven idea; however, the use of this natural material for worktops involves considerable limitations. An optimal alternative to natural wood is Pfleiderer's worktops in colours inspired by oak or exotic species of wood; such worktops are free from all disadvantages of the natural material.

The most fashionable worktops

8 września 2015
EN, Furniture
Light, in the neutral colours of beige and cream, with a grain inspired by the beauty of natural stone – these are the features of the most frequently purchased worktops nowadays. This trend is perfectly exemplified by the offer of the company Pfleiderer, in which there is no shortage of products which not only meet customers’ requirements, but also foresee their future needs.