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Must have! Pfleiderer’s stone decors — Part 3

11 września 2017
EN, Furniture
Stones looks magnificent in interior designs. They complement various styles, evoke various associations. Seemingly cold, they introduce an element of familiarity and cosiness. So far, in this series of posts, we have discovered Pfleiderer decors that perfectly imitate marble and sand. Today, it is time for red granite!

Must have! Pfleiderer’s stone decors — Part 2

11 września 2017
EN, Furniture
Nature is our source of inspiration — it enables us to create interiors that make us feel good. More and more often, decorating our houses and flats, we choose decors resembling wood or stone. Today, as part of our series of posts on stone inspirations, we would like to present the decor Ipanema White S61011 (R6265 CT).

Must have! Pfleiderer’s stone decors — Part 1

11 września 2017
EN, Furniture
The presence of natural stones is currently one of the most noticeable trends in interior design. Marbles, sandstones, granites — in various colours — are used for table tops, furniture fronts, and covers for walls and other structures. They are also perfect for the kitchen.

A coating which is merciless towards bacteria

13 lipca 2017
EN, Furniture
A kitchen worktop is a place for which we have many expectations. It must be durable, resistant to damage which might result from cooking, and it should also meet our aesthetic requirements – simply put, we must like the way it looks. Is that all? It turns out that not at all! With the development of technology, our expectations are ever greater. Today, worktops can also protect us against harmful microbes.

Competing for the Good Design Award

10 lipca 2017
Design, EN, Interiors, Furniture
As many as two products from Pfleiderer were nominated for participation in the Good Design competition this year. Competing for this prestigious award of the Institute of Industrial Design are the Duropal SolidColor Xtreme HPL laminate and the design collection of three exceptional decors – F73034 Reed Blue, F73051 Texwood White and F76069 Houndstooth Grey.

From the catwalk to furniture

1 lipca 2017
Design, EN, Interiors, Furniture, Lifestyle
The iconic houndstooth is one of the most recognisable patterns in the fashion world. It is incredibly versatile since it combines tradition with modernity – it is perfect for elegant, casual, sports, and even evening wear. Straight from the catwalks, the pattern has made its way onto furniture, further emphasising its position – this time in the world of design.

Premium quality kitchen

19 czerwca 2017
EN, Furniture
Pfleiderer presents a new line of unique kitchen tops. The Premium collection offers even higher resistance to humidity, unique anti-bacterial layer increasing the safety of users and absolutely mat XTreme texture. And in addition to that, eleven unique decors.

ISaloni – the most important furniture fair in the world

27 kwietnia 2017
Design, EN, Interiors, Furniture
ISaloni fair - one of the most important events in the world of design - is already behind us. This April event every year attracts hundreds of thousand visitors to Milan who want to learn about the latest trends, find inspirations and admire what is offered by exhibitors.

Worktops: even more resistant

16 sierpnia 2016
EN, Furniture
Thanks to an innovative solution, now Pfleiderer kitchen worktops can boast even higher, unparalleled quality. A special HDF board insert, placed in the frontal part of the worktops accounts for a significant rise in their resistance, e.g. to mechanical damage.

Kitchen worktops: modern design

4 sierpnia 2016
EN, Furniture
Design compatibility of the kitchen worktops and fronts made from laminated boards allow for the design of exquisitely sophisticated kitchen furniture.