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Competing for the Good Design Award

10 lipca 2017
Design, EN, Interiors, Furniture
As many as two products from Pfleiderer were nominated for participation in the Good Design competition this year. Competing for this prestigious award of the Institute of Industrial Design are the Duropal SolidColor Xtreme HPL laminate and the design collection of three exceptional decors – F73034 Reed Blue, F73051 Texwood White and F76069 Houndstooth Grey.

From the catwalk to furniture

1 lipca 2017
Design, EN, Interiors, Furniture, Lifestyle
The iconic houndstooth is one of the most recognisable patterns in the fashion world. It is incredibly versatile since it combines tradition with modernity – it is perfect for elegant, casual, sports, and even evening wear. Straight from the catwalks, the pattern has made its way onto furniture, further emphasising its position – this time in the world of design.

Gdynia Design Days 2017

30 czerwca 2017
Design, EN
Warning! Tempest! Starting today, everything old gets mixed up with the new in Gdynia. What came from the land gets mixed up what was brought by the sea... The time of inspiration and design madness is coming. The 10th edition of Gdynia Design Days is about to start.

Even more 3D effect

29 czerwca 2017
Design, EN
Authenticity is nowadays one of the most wanted characteristics in the interior design world. Creating products inspired by nature, Pfleiderer endeavours to ensure that its boards, laminates and tops recreate the beauty of wood, stone, concrete or textiles as faithfully as possible... That is why the company’s specialists continue to work on new decors and surface structures. Now they present the next six suggestions which open up even more opportunities for us to recreate various materials and develop offers which are even more unique from the aesthetic point of view.

Premium quality kitchen

19 czerwca 2017
EN, Furniture
Pfleiderer presents a new line of unique kitchen tops. The Premium collection offers even higher resistance to humidity, unique anti-bacterial layer increasing the safety of users and absolutely mat XTreme texture. And in addition to that, eleven unique decors.

Compact possibilities

8 czerwca 2017
EN, Interiors
The development of furniture for interiors characterized by increased humidity, and heavily-used interiors is a great challenge for designers and carpenters. How to create furniture which will be as functional and solid as possible and good-looking at the same time? The fulfilment of this task is possible thanks to materials characterized by unique properties. For example, Pfleiderer Duropal HPL Compact laminates.

Place your bet on stone in the interiors!

5 czerwca 2017
Design, EN
Stone is much more versatile material than we could imagine. For hundreds of years it has been used in interior design - as wall and floor panels, and today it enters the world of furniture. Therefore, we may not be surprised by the fact that stone elements of furniture could be admired at the Milan fair, not to mention other events.

The power of innovation – Pfleiderer on Interzum

29 maja 2017
EN, Interiors
Pfleiderer inspires with innovation – this way the presence of the company on this year’s Interzum trade fair in Köln may be summarised. From 16 to 19 May, all participants of this international event who decided to visit the exhibition of the producer of wood-based materials could see new products and solutions, as well as even more ideas on how to apply them in practice in interior construction.

Options for doors

18 maja 2017
EN, Interiors
Fibreboard (HDF) is a perfect material for construction of internal doors and an attractive alternative for wood. And it is so for at least a few reasons. HDF is light, hard and resistant to minor mechanical damage. It offers thermal and acoustic insulation (thanks to a high density). And moreover, Pfleiderer offers it in the widest range of patterns and colours in the market. And in the best quality!

Red Dot Award for Pfleiderer

11 maja 2017
Design, EN
Laminate Duropal-HPL SolidColor XTreme was awarded “Red Dot Award” – one of the most important laurels in the world of design. This special award desired by all designers will be handed to Pfleiderer on 3 July 2017 – during a festive Red Dot Gala.