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A presentation of product novelties during a meeting with the representatives of the Pfleiderer Partner network

26 marca 2018
EN, Interiors, Architecture, Lifestyle
Information on the strategic directions in the company's development and a presentation of novelties in the product offer were the leading motives in the company’s meeting with the Pfleiderer Partner network held in the very heart of the city of Łódź, the Andels Hotel. Known for its unique interiors combining design, the latest trends and functionality, the Andels Hotel is an ideal space for a presentation of new Pfleiderer products – PrimeBoard and Duropal HPL Compact Exterior.

Boards that breathe

11 września 2017
EN, Architecture
Concern about lack of resistance to water is the most frequent argument against the use of wood-based boards in the construction industry. Pfleiderer has come up with a solution to this problem: the boards PremiumBoard MFP, LivingBoard, and StyleBoard MDF.RWH, which are not only exceptionally resistant to moisture, but also — being diffusion-permeable materials — enable draining moisture outside.

MFP® formwork - a strong foundation of a design

27 kwietnia 2017
EN, Architecture
The mfp® formwork of the Pfleiderer company is used to construct formwork of multiple use. It works particularly well in places where the achievement of ideally-smooth and large surface of concrete is important. The board provides for numerous repetition of castings of the same, even highly complicated shape, which means the saving of money and time.

Pleidered delivers wooden finishing elements for the largest cruise ships in the world

22 czerwca 2016
EN, Architecture
On 7th May, the youngest and at the same time the largest Aida ship was christened in the Hamburg port. AIDAprima, which can accommodate 3,300 passengers, is the 8th cruise ship of the AIDA Cruises fleet whose interior was fitted out using Pfleiderer materials.

In the classroom with Pfleiderer

13 czerwca 2016
EN, Architecture
Everyone knows that playing is the best form of learning. It is the most pleasant when it takes place in a friendly, colourful, and — very importantly — safe environment. Such preschool and school classroom interiors can be created with the use of Pfleiderer materials — laminated boards, worktops, and HPL laminates.

Komin Office with Pfleiderer!

18 kwietnia 2016
EN, Architecture
PFLEIDERER MATERIALS: office furniture in the open space part and coverings of the walls, floors, and ceilings of the internal extension containing conference rooms and quiet work rooms made of mfp® board

Pfleiderer products – from construction to interior design

23 listopada 2015
EN, Architecture
Complementarity, system-based unique solutions and guarantee of quality – these are the main features of Pfleiderer's offer comprising products used at all stages of construction and finishing operations.

Peace and quiet in architecture

29 października 2015
EN, Architecture
A modern embodiment of the late 19th and early 20th century Warsaw region's Świdermajer architectural style, the house blends with the garden and, for its hard-working residents, constitutes perfect framework for a slow celebration of everyday life. The room's discreetly marked divisions and functions do not close the space, and the natural materials and textures give voice to designing details.