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10.08.2017 - by Kasia

It is already certain — we are in the final! Experts of the Institute of Industrial Design (IWP) (...)

09.08.2017 - by Kasia

That much is certain – we have made it to the final! Experts of the Institute of Industrial (...)

10.07.2017 - by Kasia

As many as two products from Pfleiderer were nominated for participation in the Good Design competition this year. (...)

01.07.2017 - by Kasia

The iconic houndstooth is one of the most recognisable patterns in the fashion world. It is incredibly versatile (...)

30.06.2017 - by Kasia

Warning! Tempest! Starting today, everything old gets mixed up with the new in Gdynia. What came from the (...)

29.06.2017 - by Kasia

Authenticity is nowadays one of the most wanted characteristics in the interior design world. Creating products inspired by (...)

05.06.2017 - by Kasia

Stone is much more versatile material than we could imagine. For hundreds of years it has been used (...)

11.05.2017 - by Kasia

Laminate Duropal-HPL SolidColor XTreme was awarded “Red Dot Award” – one of the most important laurels in the (...)

07.05.2017 - by Kasia

In a widely understood world of design, there is a number of events and competitions on the basis (...)

27.04.2017 - by Kasia

ISaloni fair - one of the most important events in the world of design - is already behind (...)