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  • Architecture 
26.03.2018 - by Kasia

Information on the strategic directions in the company's development and a presentation of novelties in the product offer (...)

11.09.2017 - by Marta

Concern about lack of resistance to water is the most frequent argument against the use of wood-based boards (...)

27.04.2017 - by Kasia

The mfp® formwork of the Pfleiderer company is used to construct formwork of multiple use. It works particularly (...)

22.06.2016 - by Kasia

On 7th May, the youngest and at the same time the largest Aida ship was christened in the (...)

13.06.2016 - by Kasia

Everyone knows that playing is the best form of learning. It is the most pleasant when it takes (...)

18.04.2016 - by Kasia

PFLEIDERER MATERIALS: office furniture in the open space part and coverings of the walls, floors, and ceilings of (...)

23.11.2015 - by Kasia

Complementarity, system-based unique solutions and guarantee of quality – these are the main features of Pfleiderer's offer comprising (...)

29.10.2015 - by Kasia

A modern embodiment of the late 19th and early 20th century Warsaw region's Świdermajer architectural style, the house (...)