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18.12.2015 - by Kasia

Not only for the kitchen — the many applications of Pfleiderer worktops

The home kitchen is not the only place where Pfleiderer worktops can be used. Due to its durability and the wide range of patterns and colours, the product can be successfully used in hotels, shops, restaurants, and medical facilities, among other things. Interestingly — not always as the traditional work surface.

The kitchen worktop has to endure a lot. This is where we chop, cut, stir, place hot dishes, and put various products. We get it splashed and dirty and clean it with strong chemical agents... Similarly enormous strain is placed on Pfleiderer worktops not only in the kitchen. Contrary to appearances, the product is used — and with success — in objects serving very diverse purposes.

Food venues and shops
In shopping centres, Pfleiderer worktops are mainly used in commercial kiosks and for selling counters. As opposed to laminated boards, there is no risk of worktops becoming damaged or their surfaces wearing off even as a result of long and intense use. Owing to the protective layer in the form of laminate, Pfleiderer worktops are exceptionally resistant to scratches and small-size mechanical damage that normally cannot be avoided in shops that are visited by many people every day.
The worktops are also a perfect solution for food and drink venues — pubs, cafés, and restaurants. They can be used for bar counters, coffee tables, and even tables. This is possible because Pfleiderer’s offer includes 120 cm wide worktops available in three variants: curved on one side, curved on two sides, or without curved edges. For a table to be ready, it is enough to cut a selected sheet to the desired length and fix the legs.

Medical facilities
Pfleiderer’s offer includes a special line of worktops from the Unico collection, featuring the unique MicroPlus coating. It allows the worktops to be used in places with stricter sanitary requirements (e.g. in medical facilities). MicroPlus contains active substances (silver ions), melted into the surface, that are safe for people and the natural environment and provide constant and reliable protection against microorganisms. Research shows that in comparison with other materials, this coating has over one thousand times higher antibacterial effectiveness. Pfleiderer worktops are ideal for all applications requiring sterility, antistaticity, and easiness in maintaining cleanliness
— pharmacies, laboratories, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.



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