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15.12.2015 - by Kasia

HPL XTreme wins the “Diamond of Furniture Industry 2016”!

The award ceremony of the competition “Diamond of Furniture Industry 2016”, held in Warsaw on 8 December, was very emotional and full of thrills and surprises. In the 10th edition of the competition, a statuette was awarded to Xtreme Pfleiderer!

We are pleased to inform that the HPL Xtreme laminate has received the prestigious award DIAMOND OF FURNITURE INDUSTRY 2016 in the category: furniture surfaces — PREMIUM class. The competition was organised by Wydawnictwo meble.pl sp. z o.o. — the publisher of the trade magazine BIZNES meble.pl and the owner of Meble.pl S.A.
A matt finish and a structure that is warm, soft, and velvety to the touch — this is our response to the latest matt trends. Xtreme with its innovative, electron beam hardened top layer has all advantages of HPL surfaces. The difference is that in comparison with other HPL varieties, we have improved the optical properties, obtaining remarkable colour transparency and intensity. Due to the unique layer, it is possible to have a fashionable, highly matt texture even on an intensely used worktop. The new finish is also perfectly suitable for post-forming applications. Jointlessly laminated, XTreme is available in all the standard profile variants – even as the "Quadra” profile.

The Xtreme structure can be used for covering surfaces and edges and can be processed both vertically and horizontally. It is totally resistant to grease stains or fingerprints. Keeping it clean is exceptionally easy due to its hygienic surface. It is resistant to popular cleaning and chemical agents, solvents, and disinfectants, which is why it can be successfully used for the decoration of public venue interiors – for covering walls and doors, as well as counters, bar tops, and furniture fronts, among other things.

In addition to all the advantages of HPL, Xtreme offers unparalleled colour intensity — especially in the case of decors with metallic effects. The mother-of-pearl effect also looks spectacular in combination with the new surface finish. The Xtreme structure can be used with each of the 300 HPL decors offered by Pfleiderer.
The premiere presentation of the new logo and statuette, designed by the sculptor Dr Hab. Jarosław Peszko, Prof. of the Białystok University of Technology, took place during the ceremony. The author of the concept is Head of the Faculty of Architecture at the Białystok University of Technology. The designs of the logo and statuette were kept secret until the day of the ceremony and their official presentation was accompanied by the projection of a film that introduced the audience to the creative process.
The jubilee gala of the competition “Diamond of Furniture Industry 2016” was conducted by Dariusz Szada-Borzyszkowski, a translator and director, and featured the performance of Jan Kondrak, a singer, composer, and author of lyrics, who sang and played the guitar. The audience also listened to a minirecital by Jacek Borkowski, a famous film, theatre, and television actor. The official part of the gala was followed by a banquet and the jubilee party lasted till late night.
The award strengthens our conviction that a creative idea and reliable workmanship are the most important.



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