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11.09.2017 - by profundo

Stones looks magnificent in interior designs. They complement various styles, evoke various associations. Seemingly cold, they introduce an (...)

11.09.2017 - by profundo

Nature is our source of inspiration — it enables us to create interiors that make us feel good. (...)

11.09.2017 - by profundo

The presence of natural stones is currently one of the most noticeable trends in interior design. Marbles, sandstones, (...)

11.09.2017 - by profundo

Concern about lack of resistance to water is the most frequent argument against the use of wood-based boards (...)

10.08.2017 - by profundo

It is already certain — we are in the final! Experts of the Institute of Industrial Design (IWP) (...)

09.08.2017 - by profundo

That much is certain – we have made it to the final! Experts of the Institute of Industrial (...)

25.07.2017 - by profundo

Designing a kitchen – furniture fittings, but also walls and functional elements – can be like solving a (...)

19.07.2017 - by profundo

Metals and materials inspired by them are here to stay in the world of furniture-making and interior design, (...)

13.07.2017 - by profundo

A kitchen worktop is a place for which we have many expectations. It must be durable, resistant to (...)

10.07.2017 - by profundo

As many as two products from Pfleiderer were nominated for participation in the Good Design competition this year. (...)