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27.04.2017 - by profundo

The mfp® formwork of the Pfleiderer company is used to construct formwork of multiple use. It works particularly (...)

27.04.2017 - by profundo

If we want the design of our kitchen to be successful – we need to take care of (...)

27.04.2017 - by profundo

ISaloni fair - one of the most important events in the world of design - is already behind (...)

16.04.2017 - by profundo

Today, in our “Fixing up the kitchen” series - we will present a solution which proves ideally useful (...)

04.04.2017 - by profundo

When we equip our own kitchen, we usually look for solutions tailored especially for us - functional and (...)

30.03.2017 - by profundo

This year, Pfleiderer made an appearance at arena DESIGN – an event which presents the latest trends in (...)

06.03.2017 - by profundo

Meet us on 14 March 2017 at arena DESIGN!

27.02.2017 - by profundo

Kitchen interiors in white are one of the most noticeable trends of the last few years. However, is (...)

09.02.2017 - by profundo

River deep, mountain high – it is the original offer of Pfleiderer brand, created especially for those who (...)

07.02.2017 - by profundo

While creating modern interiors, we frequently decide to go beyond the standard ideas. We choose individualism, interesting, sometimes (...)